Evotek have an ongoing commitment to sustainability.  

Our business, customers and environment need to be able to count on us and we are proud of our contribution to society and the planet.

Some initiatives that we are committed to and monitor as part of our sustainability goals include:

Garden To Table

Proud "Seed Fund" Supporters of Garden To Table.

The Garden to Table programme is teaching children the essential skills they need to be food-resilient. 

Established in 2008, Garden to Table Trust is a registered charity that works with thousands of primary-school-aged children across New Zealand, helping them discover a love for fresh food and skills that will last a lifetime. 

Employee Volunteer Programme

All Evotek employees are offered the opportunity to volunteer to a Garden To Table school and assist them with their programme. 

Volunteer time is paid by Evotek so that that our employees are not disadvantaged by their time away from work.  


Packaging Reuse / Re-purpose / Recycle

  • We focus on the reuse or re-purpose of the packaging we receive from suppliers
  • Polystyrene fill is re-used in outbound freight
  • Cartons are stored and used for outbound orders
  • Tired cartons are recycled via our recycling contractors