Evotek Projects

At Evotek we engage with our customers to undertake Technology Projects across the spectrum.  Our focus is to ensure we add value to our customers business.  Some of the project areas we undertake include:


  • Full asset replacements and upgrades
  • System integration and development
  • New systems for single site or nationwide roll out and commissioning
  • Full project management including HSE management
  • Asset assessments and reports
  • Design, procurement, installation and training on all systems
  • Construction management and support
  • Site management, reporting and technical support
  • Account management
  • Problem solving (bringing technology together)

Christchurch Airport

Christchurch International Airport is the gateway to the South Island. It employs approximately 180 staff, has over 5,000 cardholders using the security system and up to 15,000 visitors to the airport each day.

With interchangeable domestic and international air bridges a unique door and zone management system was required.

Evotek developed a fully automated swing gate system, able to be operated by air crew, and allowing multiple air bridges to be used as either domestic or international arrivals or departure gates.

This project incorporates state-of-the art technology and Gallagher - Cardax access control. The system has more than 400 access control doors and 300 CCTV cameras throughout the terminal. It allows airport operations staff to monitor every swing gate and access point and ensures the customs screen process is secure, while allowing full access for emergency personnel.

As the new Christchurch Airport terminal was upgraded, Evotek Technologies was able to expand the security and swing gate system as required.


Evotek Technologies expertise was called on to provide electronic security services for national grid provider, Transpower. Health and safety of contractors is of prime importance to Transpower across all national sites. They aimed to improve site security levels and reduce the risks associated with contractors working on site.

The brief included the control and audit of keys to critical areas, including the high voltage switch yards.

Evotek Technologies designed and manufactured a secure key safe to manage and monitor all onsite keys. The existing Gallagher access control system was already in place throughout Transpower, and was customised nationwide to accommodate the new key management system.

Evotek’s solution enabled Transpower total control over all keys released to contractors. Only specified staff and contractors were allowed access to the key safe. Transpower is now able to monitor all key movements, including when a key is not returned.

The system is monitored nationally by Evotek Technologies 24 hour support helpdesk.


Evotek Technologies worked closely with the Kiwibank team to facilitate a significant roll out across all their 200+ sites in New Zealand.

The Evotek Technologies business development team worked with Kiwibank to design, evaluate and specify a fully integrated solution that would provide increased levels of security across their branch network and head office.

This required dedicated project management, the ability procure specific leading technologies and equipment, undertaking software integration and a well coordinated after hours effort to complete site installations effectively. 

The Evotek team is proud of how we managed to ensure our customer's business was not disrupted so Kiwibank could concentrate on meeting their own customers requirements.

Canterbury DHB

The Canterbury DHB includes 16 hospitals and dental centres from Kaikoura to Ashburton, with a complex network of health professionals, multiple departments and building configurations.

Canterbury DHB needed a single company to providing electronic security to understand their requirements, improve security, understand the unique environment, all within a fixed operational budget annually.

Evotek Technologies was appointed the sole electronic security provider over 18 years ago, and over that time hospital security has increased substantially.

Currently the Canterbury DHB has Gallagher access control coupled with Axis CCTV system integration, along with car parking systems, duress systems and drug safe control.

In 2019, Evotek Technologies completed upgraded the access control system across all Canterbury hospitals, a project that required considerable planning, and the involvement of a dedicated project management team, a project that was completed on time and within budget.

Currently the organisation has in excess of 600 access controlled doors, in 40 locations, in addition to electronically controlled drug safes, CCTV and other essential equipment.

Hutt City Council

Evotek Technologies has supplied project (design and installation) services and comprehensive maintenance works across the Hutt City Councils entire property portfolio (20+ buildings) since 2018.

Hutt City operate a very diverse range of buildings including community and sporting facilities, Council Chambers, halls and libraries – all of which have differing electronic security requirements.

Evotek Technologies support a host of technologies including:

·       Gallagher access control

·       Milestone, Axis, Wisenet CCTV

·       Site duress systems

·       Various legacy access and intruder systems at various sites

Recently the Evotek Technology engineers have worked with Hutt City to integrate their mobile devices to interface seamlessly with the access and CCTV systems allowing greater control and enhanced functionality from these assets.

Our team continue to work closely with Hutt City in the development of technology-based solutions that help them work more effectively and efficiently. An excellent example of this is where we quickly stood up a visitor management system during the Covid lockdown which allowed Hutt City to maintain their critical support of the community in a safe manner throughout this challenging time.

Auckland Unlimited

The Auckland Unlimited's security transformation project covered a range of integrated security equipment including CCTV, alarms, fencing and access control.

The project aim was to bring the security infrastructure up to world class standards and ensure the client achieves compliance with the NZ Government Protective Security Requirements (PSR) and Crowded Places Strategy.  After a very competitive tender process, , Auckland Unlimited partnered with Evotek for this multi-year project.

300 cameras have been installed across the Aotea Centre and Aotea Square, Mt Smart Stadium, NZ Maritime Museum, Shed 10 and The Civic. There are new additional swipe card access points , plus fencing and new visitor management system kiosks. A new CCTV video management platform, Milestone has also been introduced, which will ensured a standardized system across all venues. Milestone’s advanced features include the ability to integrate with access control systems, licence place recognition and extensive reporting capability.

In addition, Evotek Technologies has constructed a new security control room at NZ Maritime Museum with a modern, purpose built facility. Evotek has also been appointed as supplier for Auckland Unlimited’s planned preventative maintenance (PPM) service for security hardware.

“The work done by Evotek and our Auckland Unlimited Facilities and Capital Projects Teams to ensure the new systems, especially in some of our historic sites that need to meet heritage requirement, has been nothing short of amazing. The theming of some of the cameras, especially in the Civic Theatre, NZ Maritime Museum and
Shed 10, to ensure they blend in with the existing building layout has been completed to such a level they have received praise and endorsements from the Auckland Council Heritage Team.” Glenn Simpson - GM, Security and Visitor Safety.